Characterization and Numerical Simulation of Groundwater Resources in the Puyallup River Valley Watershed Hydrographs

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NOTE: The land-surface altitudes displayed in the ESRI base map are in meters , whereas the water levels and site altitudes measured by USGS are in feet.

Study Area BoundaryPuyallup River Valley Watershed Study Boundary
USGS-Sampled Groundwater WellUSGS-Sampled Groundwater Monitoring Well
Other-agency-sampled Groundwater WellOther-Agency-Sampled Groundwater Monitoring Well
B - Affected by Tidal Action
P - Pumping
R - Recently Pumped
S - Nearby Pumping
T - Nearby Recently Pumping
X - Surface Water Effects
LS - Land Surface
* - Additional Information includes drillers information and other well measurements